For more than 40 years I have personally designed and created the jewelry that I have sold. Extensive experience and contacts in the diamond and colored stone marketplace allow me to source the most beautiful gemstones that exist on earth. When you visit our workshop, you will find an enjoyable learning experience that takes you beyond informational state into a state of knowledge. We will make it easy for you to understand the criteria for selection or creating a piece of jewelry.

I passionately love gemstones, as does my wife Annabel, a GIA Graduate Gemologist. We learn everything we can about these gem treasures and find great pleasure in collecting them. Over the past four decades we have curated an impressive collection of gemstones and sharing our knowledge and passion is a delight.

I understand the metal, and the art and the science of jewelry making (the jewelry arts) and gemology. I delight in creating symbols for my clients' relationships and other successes in life. My approach leaves out pretense and condescension. I make it real by sharing my passion and joy. Because of the way I personally care for my clients, people tell me they are more comfortable here than in other jewelry stores.

My simple and comfortable style is recognizable. People often say to me that a stranger noticed their jewelry and remarked "That is Bill Weidinger's work". In this world of mass production and marketing, I offer a unique experience. My workbench is less than four feet distance from my showcases.

Visit my workshop soon.